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I am a metal artist based in Madison, WI. I specialize in steel and mixed media pieces such as furniture, wall art, and sculpture. Whether functional, decorative, whimsical, or thought-provoking, each piece I create is a reflection of my belief that art should be an integral part of people’s daily lives.

I am drawn to the raw, elemental nature of steel, its strength and flexibility, and the ways it can be transformed and manipulated. Throughout the process of creating art, I am constantly experimenting, exploring, and learning.


I am equally fascinated by the possibilities presented by combining steel with other media. I often incorporate salvaged materials, such as stone, tile, various scraps, or repurposed metal, for the unique character they bring to each piece. I also use epoxy resins and salvaged wood, which imbue the metal with warmth and color, providing a visual and tactile contrast to the industrial aesthetic of the steel.

Click on the images to get information about price or availability. Much of my work is done on commission, so if you see something you like that’s already found a home, let me know. I’d be happy to make something similar just for you, or create a unique piece based on your concept, specifications, or drawings.

Send me an email at or follow me on Facebook at

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